Trees for organizations, networks for processes

Problem solved! A new pattern has emerged: TONP. The structure of things, the spacial organization of the concrete or abstract is a recurrent theme in my thoughts. I recognize that for organization purposes, the inverted tree has been an excellent form. The centralization of the strategy for a group, the line-of-command from top to the bottom have been getting results for thousands of years.

But when we thought about the last 20 years in communications and information technologies, the trees seem bottlenecks. They lacks of good performance, slow and inefficient flows. If the CEO has a direct channel with all the lower levels of the organizations his/her message will run fast and completely direct to destination. That’s the way internet works. It seems that when we want to run a process, doing something, the best way is to organize the nodes that will execute as a network.

Networks are for time, trees for space.


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