A Programmer’s Roadmap

This course is for the advanced programmer who wants to be an object-oriented programmer. In it, the student will be exposed to medular object technologies, patterns and principles. During the course, the student practice and discuss the requirements gathering problems and written-down issues, the analysis from an object-perspective, and the object oriented design models. And all of these items from an agile pace.

After this workshop, you will be proficient in:

  • Requirements Gathering: usage stories and use cases documents
  • Non-Functional Requirements: FURPS+
  • Object Oriented Analysis: Domain Models, System Events/Operation Models, and Operation Contracts
  • GoF, SOLID, GRASP patterns
  • Basic UML
  • Object oriented design: Design Models, Data models, using UML and patterns
  • Workflow patterns
  • Data structures and Algorithms

The course includes material and the possibility of feedback for a current project.

Continuous support is available.

Price: Ask for a quotation. (Prices varies for the total participants)

Save 30% or more for 5+ persons group!