Requirements in Context

Use Case Models Mastering Course

This course is a hands-on workshop with a minimum of 4 hours or contact, combining lectures, laboratories, and assessments. The student will become proficient in the technical writing of a Use Case Model for gathering all kind of functional requirements.

Subject to cover:

  • The Use Case Models: System and Business
  • Use Case Structure and Templates
  • Actor-Goal-Reason Lists as User Stories
  • Use Case Preface: the Metadata
  • About Actors, Human and Components Roles
  • Happy Path writing and Steps Syntax Structure
  • Alternatives and Exceptions Writing, the Other Paths
  • Data (Glossary) and Technical Variations List, Why and How

The course includes material and the possibility of feedback for a current project.

Continuous support is available.

Price: Ask for a quotation. (Prices varies for the total participants)

Save 30% or more for 5+ persons group!